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Foshan Open

Foshan Open Gives Boost to New Event

From June 13th to 15th, the inaugural Greater Bay Pro Tournament was staged on the Foshan Golf Club, China.

Turkish Airlines with the Foshan Open

During the final round of the 2017 Foshan Open-European Challenge Tour and China Tour, the General Manager of the Turkish Airlines South China Mr. Kiraz visited the Village Zones at the Foshan Golf Club and presented the 50,000RMB-valued air ticket to the winner of the Turkish Airlines Putting Chall

Glass never empty, swing never cease!

naugurated in 2013, Foshan Open has evolved into a top annual sporting event in South China. This international golf tournament not only attracts excellent players from home and abroad, but also sponsors of renowned brands.

K11 Together with Foshan Open, Sparkle between Art and Golf

It was noticeable that spectators were all attracted by the logo assembled by colorful golf balls at the ticket entrance of the Canton First Estate and took photos before the huge display panels

Carabao Comes Together with Foshan Open in Pursuit of Green and Healthy Lifestyle

It was notable that the “Carabao Iron Shaft Challenge” emerged as a new section of the 2017 Foshan Open - European Challenge and China Tour. It tallies up players’ score in all the par-3 holes of the Foshan Golf Club, and finally, presents the winner

【Review】Pro-Am Welcome Party

It's been a week since the 2017 Foshan Open Pro-Am Competition. Not enough with the on-course photos?Reasonable! What you haven't seen is the unmissable Canton-featured Welcome Party!

Long Putt Challenge Final & Charity Big Harvest

Another final competition launched yesterday iat the public area. Supported by the Turkish Airlines, the game Long Putt Challenge, with a business return ticket between Guangzhou and European country which worths 50000 RMB as the prize, attracted a lot of participants. 15 final qualifiers gathered a

Walkthrough of Luck

Around the corner is the 2017 Foshan Open.

Top Players of European Challenge Tour Gather in Foshan Open, The

‘Love Life Love Golf’ the Foshan Open this year will enchant sports fans with the charm of golf.

Charity Golf: Explore the Beauty

These are wonderful people from whom you learned more than any guidebook would ever tell you. They teach us how to accomplish a task with patience and care.

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